Description of problem:  3-_whitening.jpg
    Milky spots show on the film during application when the ambient air is extremely
    humid. The condensation of this atmospheric humidity dissolves the paint film
    components when the temperature has been lowered by rapid evaporation  of the 


    – Excessive ambient humidity.
    – Use of cheap solvents.
    – Thinner is too fast.
    – Temperature is cold in the workshop.
    – Weak air flow in the spraying booth.
Preventive measures:
    – Heat the workshop.
    – Use a good quality thinner.
    – Use a retarder with the thinner.
    – Use a slower evaporating thinner.


   1. In the case of very little whitening, allow to dry and then polish.
   2. Spray the affected region with a slow thinner or retarder in case the problem is
       showing clearly.
   3. In extreme cases, when there is water droplets in the paint, allow to dry, sand and respray.