Stripping / Banding

Description of problem: 18-_stripping-banding.jpg
    Variation in the color intensity that shows every spray pass


    – Incorrect spraying technique.  The gaps between the spray passes are not constant.
    – Spray gun is too close to the panel.
    – Spray gun was not maintained perpendicularly to the panel.
    – Incorrect spray gun set-up.
    – Incorrect spraying viscosity and pressure.
    – Flash off time is too short.
    – Unsuitable application temperature.
    – Unsuitable thinner.


Preventive measures:
    – Use correct spraying technique and spray gun set up. 
      (The spray pass should normally start at the half way mark of the previous one).
    – Follow application recommendation for mixing ratios
      (use only manufacturer’s recommended thinners) and spraying pressure.


    If the problem is identified early on (before spraying clear coat over the base coat for
    example), you can rectify the problem very easily by spraying another pass.  Otherwise, 
    allow to dry completely, sand and repaint.