Description of problem:  14-_solvent_popping.jpg
    This problem is generally due to air bubbles that have been
    trapped during the spraying phase and have not had time to
    pop out because of rapid surface drying of the film.


    – Warm and dry weather with possibly very high air circulation.
    – Low air pressure.
    – Short flash off time.
    – Application of very thick coats (over application and too high film build).
    – Increasing spray booth temperature immediately after spraying.
    – Use of hardeners and thinners that are too fast.
    – Heat source that is too close to the painted surface.
    – Insufficient drying of primer fillers.


Preventive measures:
    – Use slower thinner and/or hardener.
    – Use retarder.
    – Use recommended air pressure.
    – Avoid spraying thick coats.
    – Increase flash off times.
    – Wait 15 minutes before raising spray booth temperature.
    – Observe metal temperature.


    – Remove damaged paint and repaint.
    – Fill holes with polyester spray filler (574), prime and repaint.