Orange peel

Description of problem:  10-_orange_peel.jpg
    The paint is slightly granulated resembling the outside of an orange.


    – Bad spraying technique. The gun is either too far away or too close.
    – Application thickness is either too little or too much.
    – Thinner is too fast drying.
    – Viscosity is too high.
    – Incorrect air pressure.
    – Temperature is too high.
    – Insufficient sanding of substrate.
    – Incorrect spray gun set up.


Preventive measures:
    – Use correct spraying technique.
    – Adjust the air pressure so as to minimize the “poussierage”.
    – Use slower thinner or retarder.
    – Use recommended thinning ratios.
    – Use recommended gun set up.
    – Prepare and sand substrate correctly.


    – In minor cases, wait until the paint is fully dry and polish with a coarse
      compound and then a fine compound.
    – In more serious cases, you may have to sand with P1200 and polish.
    – In extreme cases you should sand with P500/P1000 and respray.