Low gloss

Causes:          9-_low_gloss.jpg
    – Use of an inappropriate thinner.
    - Contamination of the surface before painting.
    – High air pressure.
    – Poor extraction and air flow of the spray booth that allows the dust generated
       by the paint itself to settle on the surface once it has begun to dry.
    – The paint has dried in the presence of exhaust or industrial fumes.
    – Poor drying conditions:  Temperature too low, high humidity, lack of ventilation.
    – Mixing ratios of hardener and thinner not according to manufacturer’s specification.
    – Too many coats being applied.
    – Not enough flash off time between coats.
    – A highly pigmented ground coat was not stirred enough before use.
    – Use of inappropriate sandpaper grade.
    – Ground coat was sanded before it was fully dry.
    – Hardener expired or damaged (by humidity if the can is left open).
Preventive measures:
    – Use recommended thinner.
    – Clean the surface well before painting.
    – Use correct mixing ratios.
    – Use correct pressure.
    – Check air flow of the spray booth.
    – Keep workshop warm in the winter.
    – Allow the paint to fully dry and polish or respray.