Fish eyes

Description of problem:  4_-_fish_eye.jpg
    The paint is pushed in the form of craters. These craters vary in thickness, density
    and size (from  a pinhole up to a diameter of 1 cm).  A close inspection with a
    magnifier shows the presence of a small impurity in the center.


    – Contamination by wax, silicone, oil or grease.  
    – Contamination by soap residues, detergents or   metal cleaning products.
    – Contamination of the surrounding air (proximity to   mechanic shop).
    – Contamination of the air supply.
    – Contamination from use of polishes or aerosol spray containing silicone.


Preventive measures:
    – Make sure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned after every operation with
      Genclean 8281. Use a new rag for every car.
   – Make sure that all products containing silicone are used as far away from the
      workshop as possible.


    – Apply mist coat.
    – Sand panel, isolate and repaint.
    – Use antisilicone 8678 as a last resort.